WhyHockey 12.14.18: Bonus Panthers Rants!

December 14, 2018

Now that Tommy and Matt L have regrouped and collected their thoughts, they came together to address more Florida Panthers concerns including:

- Is it the goaltending or the defense; what is the bigger issue with the team?

- Borgstrom and call-ups

- What should the future of the Panthers front office look like if there are changes to be made?

- Coaching concerns

It was time to spill our guts. 


WhyHockey 12.13.18: George Richards

December 13, 2018

Matt L chats with George Richards about everything Florida Panthers, including why this team is as bad as it is, what might change and if anything will change anytime soon. Enjoy the show, if enjoying anything is possible right now with the Florida Panthers. 


WhyHockey 12.6.18: Straight No Chaser

December 6, 2018

Matt L is back for a new podcast with Tommy for all sorts of discussion on:

- William Nylander and the Leafs

- The Flyers change at GM

- Everything that is wrong with the Florida Panthers, and there's quite a bit. 

- References to Straight No Chaser, Green Day and video game music, and other random non-sequiturs because hockey is depressing sometimes.




Whyhockey 11.29.18: “Not This” for Flyers GM

November 29, 2018

Thomas and Matthew give a deserved shoutout to Petri Vedenpää for Henrik Haapala news (https://www.iltalehti.fi/nhl/201809152201199293_nh.shtml ), and give their reactions and emotions following few days of Flyers firings. 


Whyhockey 11.28.18: #FLAPanthers Talk with O’Brien

November 28, 2018

Thomas and Matthew jump on the podcast to discuss #FLAPanthers enduring walk into the wind over the remaining homestand in lieu of addressing needs. And what realistically will be done, and what should be done. 


WhyHockey 11.16.18: O’G Brien

November 17, 2018

Thomas and Matthew O'Brien get right to the Florida Panthers basics and dissect how the Franchise can start to realize the potential it sells. 


WhyHockey 11.6.18: Joel Quenneville to the Panthers?

November 6, 2018

Tommy and Matt are back to talk coaching changes, including Coach Q's ouster in Chicago and whether his old friend Dale Tallon might be interested in bringing him to Florida (one of the hosts is very much for this idea). They also go over the Panthers Finland trip, another mess for the Ottawa Senators and John Stevens being out in LA.


WhyHockey 10.25.18: No Regulation Wins!

October 25, 2018

Thomas and Matt are back talking the fun (not really that fun) start to the Panthers season. They break down everything from structure to coaching and goaltending and muse about whether this team is capable of living up to its own hype and what can be done to change the team's trajectory. There's also Gritty talk, because every hockey podcast needs Gritty talk. 


Whyhockey 10.13.18: The Regular Season!

October 13, 2018

Thomas and Matt Lichtenstadter muse about Gritty, NHL12 soundtrack, Florida Panthers lack of games, experimentation, and the positives to take away. But don't scoff away the things that need fixin'. 


episode cover image source : @evilgeniusjon https://www.instagram.com/p/Boh3ROVBA6X/


Whyhockey Preseason Podcast 9.28.18

September 28, 2018

Thomas welcomes back Matthew O'Brien to talk Philadelphia Flyers and Florida Panthers. Common themes including bad mixes on D, worrisome goalies, and loadbearing top 6's.